Juliette Gaudino

PHOTO  .  March 5th, 2013

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This is close to Madrid, Spain. I even take my camera with me when I’m going to the toilets. My mum and I stopped in the long road, in this gas station, to go to the toilets and eat something. During this lunch I took the best portrait I have of my Mum. It was freezing outside, went out and took a picture (You got me flickr.com/photos/_juliettegaudino/8329222173 ), turned back and also took the gas station. It was very windy, cold, and 3 minutes later we were on the road again. My photos of Madrid turned out to be really bad, and this is the only pair I like from a 5 days trip: thumbs up

Juliette Gaudino – French photographer / cargo – flickr