PHOTO  .  September 23rd, 2013

I asked the Berliner photographer, Paulushaus to describe some of his best trip memories.


2010: Transylvania / Rumania

I went for two weeks there. We traveled through the land and did a hiking trip over the Carpates. I went with a good friend. He likes adventures and nature. So he thought he likes hiking, too. I told him that our biggest enemy will be our backpack where we have to carry food and stuff for a week. He anyway decided to bring his medium format camera beside his SLR. He finally said: “Fuck, I will never go hiking again!”


2009 : Jerusalem / holy land

As alternative for my military service I spent a social work year in Jerusalem. I hung out a lot with nuns and brothers and learned that they are just human beings too, drinking a lot and smoking the good herbs.


2011: Canarian Islands/ Fuerteventura

I went with two friends there to learn how to ride waves. I never did wave riding before but as I used to be a skateboarder I always sympathized with it. We went in spring. Waves are huge there in spring. We were nothing but playballs of the ocean. Learning to surf in big waves is nothing but madness. When the waves break over you, you enter the so called washing machine. There’s nothing to do but wait till it leaves you close to the beach…


2012: Halle Neustadt / Germany

I went there alone for a commissioned work for Trashmag from Finland. I was supposed to capture the atmosphere of the city. It’s a crazy former GDR city. Half of the inhabitants left the city since GDR vanished. [daily upload] [serials]