Odd & Even

PHOTO  .  September 27th, 2013

Odd & Even is a great photography zine created by my friend Jonah Migicovsky with Stanislav Troitsky (Every Odd page containing work by Jonah and every Even page containing work by Stanislav).

You will find in the following a question to the author and a selection of pages.


Can you tell me more about this zine ? What’s the concept behind ‘odd & even’ ?

Stanislav Troitsky is a friend/photographer that I know from Montreal. We both primarily shoot in analog, and decided to work together because of how similarly we view the world. Odd & Even encapsulates both of our styles in photography as a whole, but also individually, hence the division of pages correlating uniquely with an artist. Odd & Even emphasizes the candid moments that are too quickly passed over, or outright ignored, in order to give them beauty and importance.












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