Akin Sevgör

MUSIC  .  July 17th, 2014


Interview with Akin Sevgör / musician from Turkey


Who are you Akin?

My name is Akin Sevgör. I’m a music composer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Born in 1989 in Ankara city. I just completed records of my first album and I’m also working for movie industry as a film scorer.

How did you get into music production?

To be honest I have already been training to be a musician since my childhood years. Other members of my family are also artists. My father is an Oud player and my grandfather was a clarinet artist. If I do not remember wrong, first I learned to play guitar from my father and started my first piano practices. After my primary school years, I went to State Conservatory for a better music education, studied bassoon for six years. My first compositions was in that time period, sort of short pieces for bassoon or piano.


You found your own style, how do you get inspired?

Like I said, my actual education was completely based on classical music and I was sure that I wanted some kind of different taste and I realized that electronic music gives me a huge space to create my own sound. This was the first and biggest step I took. Then I started to think just as a “musician”. Not as a classical music artist, not under effects of our traditional music etc. Of course I like to use classical, traditional and popular sounds in my music eventually, but I do not build my music onto that genres and ideas they give me.

And of course we can easily say that electronic sounds are usually used and tracks are created to make people dance with it. So I also wanted to create an electronic music which has a musicality so people can just listen and of course move with it if they desire so.

I think these details and looking to art of music with an objective perspective was enough to create something distinctive. I’ve always defined music as “artistically formed, shaped and organized sounds which are already in nature.” Rest of it was all about practice and practice more.

Give us some songs that make you feel happy.

Ah, this question has a very dynamic answer. It has changed all parts of my life and it is very hard to answer with specific tracks. But I can say that I like and appreciate various artists staring from Bülent Arel, Philipp Glass to Amon Tobin, Daft Punk. I really can’t count them all cause it changes all the time and they are so crowded. A lot of musicians inspired me a little, way more than a little.

What are your days like?

Usually I spend most of my time in studio doing my works and exercise for an hour during daytime if I can find some time, I also like to be out in such a lovely city like ?stanbul. It’s so beautiful especially after sun goes down.
Cooking, reading, different tastes of wines and psychology are few of my other interests.

Do you have some upcoming projects?

First thing is first! I definitely have a lot of ideas regarding to future. But I do not find it cool to talk about when the things are not even started yet.
It seems more logical to release my first album as soon as possible before starting something new.

Thank you Akin!