Tomasz Laptaszynski

PHOTO  .  November 22nd, 2013

A! is a photographic project by Tomasz Laptaszynski
in which he is looking for traces of antique culture in Polish household.

“I’m interested in „popantiquity”, roadside architecture, loose associations and whatever people in Poland remember, like, cultivate that comes from antiquity. Traditional antique culture is retreating and we are attacked by its twin sister transformed by popculture. It is the one which builds hotels shaped like pyramids or gives birth to Trojan horses standing by the roads. They are what I’m looking for.”


What has been the conclusion of your project? (more images below)

A complete surprise that in a country in which there was no direct influence of antique culture I find traces of it everywhere.
In Poland we suffer constantly from lack of any aesthetic and good taste in public space. When you come to our country you are immediatey attacked by thousands of billboards standing by the roads and plastic castles. Some of them you can see in my pictures. However, I take fancy to them although I don’t know why.

I know it sounds a little naive but that is what I feel making these pictures.

On the other hand I want to continue my research because I noticed that the topic is interesting not only to me but also to the scientists involved in traditional antiquity’s reception who did not trace its elements neither in contemporary popculture, nor in photography.

Tomasz Laptaszynski – photographer from Lodz, Poland /