Petit Biscuit

MUSIC  .  October 16th, 2014

Who are you Petit Biscuit?

I’m Mehdi Benjelloun, I’m 15, I live in Rouen. I produce since nearly one year under the name of Petit Biscuit. I don’t know how to describe my music, I want it really clean, really chill, it depends of my daily mood.

What’s your process to create songs? The work behind your track Palms for example really interested us.

To create my sounds I do not really have a special process. I make it as it comes. I usually pick up my guitar, I start playing and as soon as I hear something that I like, I record it. But it can come from a synth as well, a good beat is enough! For the record Palms I really wanted to make a kind of a chill sound but in a summer spirit with the famous synth one can hear at the beginning, then I built around. I used cool voices I had sampled before. I usually use samples only for vocals, everything else is done by myself, I do not like using samplers in general.

Can you tell us more about your presence in Cosmonostro and MooseRecords? Have you ever met any members?

Cosmonostro discovered me thanks Palms actually, Guillaume did not hesitate to open me the doors of the label and since it is a label that I’ve always loved, I did not hesitate. I came with an ambient sound named Collapse from an ancient compilation. Right now, we are preparing something really good with Cosmo, I am going to make a real Petit Biscuit one. I say no more for now, haha.

For Moose Records, Andrea discovered me, we talked together, he told me it would be super cool if I could make them a record for Moosetape5. I proposed 3am and they got hooked by Julia (Losfelt). Moose is really what I like and what I was looking for. Moosetape6 is coming soon and I am working on a new sound for this comp! I have not yet meet Julia and Andrea, but we surely will have the opportunity to meet during performance!

I saw that KorgBrain also lives in Rouen, have you decided to collaborate together?

Yeah so Korgbrain is also from Rouen, we have already had the opportunity to talk and he’s a very cool guy. In terms of a collaboration with Korgbrain, we are to from the same universe at all, but it could be interesting to mix the two worlds. We will see, we are not composing the same way, not using our instruments the same as well.

Do you still study?

Haha. Yes I’m 15 so I’m still studying, I am in a scientific high school in Rouen. It is true that it’s a bit far from the music field.

What do your friends think about your music style? Do they listen to your stuff too?

Actually, contrary to what I thought, my friends are pretty receptive to my kind of sound, and that’s pretty cool. I have a friend especially who supports me since the creation of Petit Biscuit, I have met new friends at school and they seem to enjoy, it’s nice!

Would you like from live of your music?

Obviously if I get the opportunity I would not hesitate, then I know it’s an instable world and it’s really not easy. I talked about it with Andrea actually, but living from your own music is the dream of every artist!

Can you share with us some artists you’re listening to?

Of course, I love to share my musical tastes! I love all the tracks of Galimatias. I really love Shlohmo, especially “Same Time”. The tracks from Diversa, from Andru and Sam Gellaitry are so cool. Fakear is one of my favorite artists. I listen to a lot of Nils Frahm. Oh I love Bearcubs too, especially his firsts tracks like Honestly and Let Go. I listen to so much different types and artists that I couldn’t name them all!

Can you tell us more about your last project, Mount Dreams?

Mount Dreams is a Indie-Rock and Electronic project created with my friend LUUUL. In this project we make just what we like, no brainer, just fun! We really want to create a live with our guitars and synths. Our first album will be available soon, we are looking forward to release it guys!

What’s next for you?

I will start playing in France, it is going to be very nice, the thing is that I really want to keep doing what I love and always having nice feedbacks, it’s really what I like. And then I am preparing a live concert! About my records, beautiful things will happen this winter, I can’t wait to post all this!

Thanks a lot Mehdi!