Interview with the english illustrator, Tom Deason.

Tom Deason

ART  .  January 17th, 2018

Who are you Tom?

An English Colombian freelance Illustrator from London currently living in Medellin.

What are you working on these days?

I’m hoping to self publish something in the next month or so. Otherwise some parts for magazines here and there. Check out the new edition of Tapemind magazine which will be out soon and has some work of mine.

What do your days look like?

I’ve finally got a great space to work here in Medellin, with the balcony I’ve been hoping for. Which means I get a lot of sun and fresh(ish) air. So nowadays my day goes something like this, up at 8; breakfast, coffee and shower. A couple emails and then drawing till lunch. Probably an errand or two out of the house and then back for a bit more work until around 7 when I’ll get out the house again to go climbing or out to see some pals.

Give us 2 songs you think fit well with your work and your favorite recipe.

Ageispolis – Aphex twin. Wonderland (Race for Space) – Efdemin. Mushroom Risotto.

Can you tell us more about the steps of your creative process? Let’s say for this image above for example.

When I work with two colours it’s based on the printing process of screenprint or risographic print. Both of which allow you to overlay colours to create new colours. I’ll start drawing as I usually do, with pencil and pen. Then using my lightbox I will redraw it but separating the layers into blue/red (or blue/red/yellow for three colours). Then after scanning, cleaning up a bit and adding block colours I can place the layers over each other to create that print effect digitally.

What’s next for you?

I want to get back into a print studio soon, it’s been too long! Otherwise I will be staying here in Colombia and exploring more of it.

What are you going to do just after having answered to this final question?

Two more emails and then go and fix my washing machine!

Merci Tom!