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Behind the Image / Wayne Clough

What’s the background of this image?

(Re)view is inspired by a press photograph that captures a moment from what is now commonly described as ‘The Battle of Orgreave’. Taking place on 18th June 1984 in South Yorkshire, UK, this event saw a violent confrontation between police and picketing mineworkers and is considered to be the pivotal moment which altered the course of the UK miners’ strike 1984-85.

Wayne Clough – British painter based in London


Interview / Mark Boardman (StreetView Project)




Interview with Mark Boardman for his series ‘Random Google Street View’ illustrations series.


Interview / Tom Guilmard


Interview with the english illustrator, Tom Guilmard.


Behind the image / Danny Rowton


Tell us more about these 2 images and your series?

Both shots, like almost all of my Nightshift series, were taken on Medium Format slide film. The Petrol Pumps image was a location I had driven past a few times, and knew it had potential, so I made a mental note of it and I thought about what would heighten the mood I wanted to convey. It had a sense of longing to it, of a calling and that the silence would be almost deafening in the right situation. I knew it had to be at night, on slide film, and I later realised it had to be foggy weather.


Interview / Moonkay

Interview with the British music producer, Moonkay.


Behind the Image / Thomas Bavington

Tell us something about this picture

I took that picture when I was visiting the Isle of Man with my colleague for a meeting with a client. We were desperate to get a chance to take some photos but didn’t have much time. We were lucky enough to stumble across this bay with a derelict stone jetty at dusk. I love the light in it, it’s one of my favourite photos, but I’m afraid it doesn’t have a particularly interesting story behind it…

Thomas Bavington – Photographer born in Sudbury, UK  currently living in Manchester / on flickr

Holly Wales

Holly Wales est un illustrateur vivant en Angleterre. Des dessins à la main plein de couleurs et de style.