Zoé Numan

It is not because a person seems in a calm state, that they are not burning inside.

Owen D. Pomery

It seems like anytime I’ve tried to create work that I think people will like, it never works out.

Angèle Mouteau

For most kids, from 14/15, the little flame goes out because you have to conform to others to become an adult.

Lise Rémon

I like the word “build”, like for a construction set.

Stefan Glerum

As you’re not explicitly trying to replicate something old, something new will start to evolve.

Laura Ancona

It doesn’t necessarily make you smarter, but it feels good.

Flora Mottini

Elastomer planets, bouncy floors and alive cartoons

Agathe Singer

The expression of the hand can take on as much importance as that of the face.

Nao Tatsumi

I paint fascinating scenery that I find around the world with Google Street View

Ole Tillmann

While I also feel like we’re in some baroque, the royal Trump family and friends are ruling over the commoners from their incestuous gold palace nightmare castle conglomerate…

Amy Bennett

For each painting I create a miniature model to serve as still life.

Chester Holme

I bought a jacket recently that means I’ve now got a fully white outfit.