Abandoned Reimagined

ART  .  September 16th, 2016


Interview with the Canadian artists – Jonah Migicovsky (photographer/ wertn itw here) & Lisa Kimberly Glickman (painter) about their collaborative project, Abandoned Reimagined.


What’s this project all about?

LK: Technically it’s about merging painting and photography to create a new vision; intellectually it’s about creating beauty and a new perception of spaces you would ordinarily walk by without a second glance.

J: Branching out from my comfort zone within photography. I was bored with my own work. I wanted to collaborate with a painter – especially one who was uninvolved with my original photographic intentions – in order to create something foreign to me.



Tell us a bit more about your individual background?

J: Photography drop-out turned artist-in-residence in my mother’s basement.
LK: Unemployed art teacher looking for ways to re-invent my artistic practice.

How did you meet?

LK: We’ve known each other for 25 years and have been mutually admiring each other’s work during this time.
The collaboration was a natural offshoot of our enthusiasm for the differences and similarities in our approaches to aesthetics.


Choose two songs and a movie which you think fit well with the atmosphere of this project?

LK: song – Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime” / movie – Eraserhead (David Lynch)

J: song – The Dream, “Love Vs. Money” / movie – The Prestige (Christopher Nolan)


Why does this subject matter mean a lot to you?

J: I have been consistently photographing subjects that are filthy or insignificant or traditionally unattractive because I enjoy arguing for their beauty. Accentuating aspects that humans might miss or outright ignore is important to me.

LK: Because we need to pay closer attention to our environment.


Can you tell us more about your work process together?

LK: For the most part, we worked separately. However, while painting onto Jonah’s photos, I did check in with him frequently to see what he thought in terms of where the work was headed, and incorporated his feedback as I continued.

What’s your intention in the outcome of this collaboration?

J: We want money so that we can travel and make new work :)
LK: That the viewer will see these spaces in a new light, one of hope and change.


What’s next for you guys?

J & LK:
Start a new series together that centres around travelling to different locales and emphasizing the charm and magnificence of instinctively overlooked details.

What are you going to do just after answering this question?

J: Go tame four wild poodles. Then make breakfast for dinner.
LK: Feed the poodles. Then have breakfast for dinner.

Thanks a lot for your answers Lisa and Jonah!

+ Jonah : instagram.com/analogeverywhere                                    + Lisa : facebook.com/glicksart