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Behind the Image / Tessa Bolsover


Tell us more about this image
I took this photo a year ago while I was living in Redlands, a small town in Southern California. The whole day was very surreal – a couple friends and I drove deep into the desert to visit Salvation Mountain, an enormous handmade shrine in the middle of nowhere. When the sun began to set we drove home down a straight, flat road; the kind that wavers on the horizon like a hallucination no matter how long you’ve been driving. I was in the back seat fiddling with my camera when I looked up and saw smoke billowing from the side of the road. We slowed, turned our heads in unison, and drove on silently. We couldn’t tell what had happened, but for me this photo (made with a 35mm Canon Rebel Ti) retains the strange tension of that moment.
Tessa Bolsover - 21 years old photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Interview / Nadzar Udin



Interview with Nadzar Udin, young photographer from Indonesia.


Alicia Rapiera



Selection of photos by Alicia Rapiera
- based in Paris


Behind the Image / Nicolas Lignier


Tell us something about this image

I like to listen to music when I take pictures . That day, I was walking around Bordeaux in France with the Archive’s album ” You All Look The Same To Me” in the ears when I came face to face with this man. It was fun to see all these portraits of other people he was doing in his image. This made me think immediately on the cover of the Archive’s album and I took the picture.Photography is for me like a pannini image collection .I appreciate the dualities : voyeurism / curiosity ; reality / dreams and i try to show it in my photography.

Nicolas Lignier on flickr

Interview / Ryan Nickel



Here are few questions to Ryan Nickel.


Interview / Renato D’Agostin



Interview of the photographer, Renato D’Agostin – Born in Venice, Italy in 1983.


Interview / Michael Barry



Interview with Michael Barry, 21 year old photographer – currently studying Fine Art in Leeds, England.


Behind the Image / Iñaki Soria Izquierdo


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I took this photo in Madeira (Portugal), in the highest mountain of the island.

We were expecting a normal hiking day but what we found was an extremely windy day with a lot of mist, I was enjoying like a little kid but freezing cause every hour my girlfriend was stealing me some parts of my clothes  (scarf, gloves, jacket…) as it was getting colder and colder. Even that it was amazing to be there surrounded by nothing but cliffs.

The photo was taken with an Olympus mju-II and Fuji Superia Xtra 400.


Iñaki Soria Izquierdo -  from Barcelona, currently working in London /  on flickr

Riders of Phanom / Luke Moran-Morris

‘Riders of Phanom’ is a nice photography book by Luke Moran-Morris (from Brighton, England) about a small town in Thailand where motorbikes & bicycles are an integral part of the culture. > Read it on Issuu.


Behind the Image / Alex Hamilton

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I recently took a trip to Brevard, North Carolina and while I was spending some time there, I began to realize how many interesting people I saw just driving around or walking down the street.

I drove past a gas station one day where an old Cadillac painted both red and yellow was parked in the strangest position, right in front of where you would pull out onto the road. I pulled into the gas station to park and take a picture of this vehicle, when I came across this man sitting off to the side of the road drinking a soda. I shook his hand and asked for permission to take a picture of his car, and he immediately walked over and posed by it!

He told me that he was a pastor at a church down the road, which was fitting due to the license plate on the front of his car, reading “Jesus is my boss”. He couldn’t have been more thankful to get his picture taken, and it was a really positive experience.

Alex Hamilton – young photographer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida / find him on flickr