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Interview / Antoine Maillard




Interview with the French illustrator and cartoonist, Antoine Maillard.


Interview / Loup Blaster


Interview with Loup Blaster, illustrator/animator from Northern France.


Behind the Image / Chiara Fucà


Tell us something about this illustration, ‘Nordic Feelings’

I did this illustration after a long road trip in Sweden and Denmark.
I am fascinated by their culture, landscape and atmosphere.
Have you ever been at Skagen beach early in the morning?


Chiara Fucà - illustrator from Torino, Italy / - on flickr

Interview / John David Deardourff

Interview of John David Deardourff, great american illustrator.


Interview / Marta Monteiro

Who are you Marta and how do you define yourself ?

I’m a portuguese illustrator and a very stubborn girl.
But sometimes I’m a very stubborn illustrator and a portuguese girl.


Interview / Ryan Mauskopf

Interview of  Ryan Mauskopf, the creator of this lovely video !


Interview / Michela Picchi

Interview of  Michela Picchi, illustrator from Rome, Italy.


Little Animation Project / Bisous les copains

My new little weekly project : BISOUS LES COPAINS

Animated gif – little illustration loops / More in the following :)


Interview / Antonio Vicentini

You like boobies, don’t you ?

Yes sir, I do. Everyone appreciates a nice good looking couple of boobies – even Jesus. Gaze fixedly at boobies is a therapy – and important to our health as well (


Holly Wales

Holly Wales est un illustrateur vivant en Angleterre. Des dessins à la main plein de couleurs et de style.