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Interview / Vincent Girardot


Interview of the french photographer, Vincent Girardot.


Behind the Image / Gonash Haghshenas + Selection


Tell us something about this image

Yeah definitely. I was with some friends who were looking for a graffiti spot and we ended up at an abandoned apartment complex where there were some old fire extinguishers laying around. My friend grabbed one and started spraying so i snapped a couple of shots with a disposable camera I had with me. Kind of a lame story hah


Gonash Haghshenas –  from Houston, Texas /  on flickr – on tumblr

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Laura Austin



Selection of images by the american photographer, Laura Austin.


Interview / Oliver Baldwin

Interview of Oliver Baldwin, English photographer.


Interview / Charlotte Mano

Interview of  Charlotte Mano, photographer living in Nantes, France.


Interview / Miles Bowers

Interview of  Miles Bowers – photographer born “in Missoula, Montana in the fall of 92”, now living at Eugene, Oregon.


Interview / Richard Gaston

Interview of  Richard Gaston – photographer born in October 89′ in Scotland.


Interview / Stephen Edwards

Some questions to Stephen Edwards – Born in County Donegal, Ireland in May 1989.


A Curious Question To / Ian Francis

Where do you go when you’re alone and you want to take pictures ?

I don’t really have one specific place that I go when I want to take photos. Most the pictures from when I’m by myself were taken when I’m traveling somewhere or in a strange place, usually out of a window or windshield.

Ian Francis from Olympia, USA / on flickr – on tumblr