Richard Gaston

PHOTO  .  May 4th, 2013

Interview of  Richard Gaston – photographer born in October 89′ in Scotland.


Where are you right now?

When I first read this email I was in Glencoe, currently I am at home in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Would you like to live in a cave in front of the ocean ?


What’s your equipement ?

Canon AE-1 and a Yashica T4.

What do you prefer to have in yourviewfinder ?

Hills, lakes and people.

Give us a photographer and a song you like.

Luke Byrne / Currently listening to Boards of Cananda.

How did you get into photography ?

Basically through taking shots of my friends whilst at parties or adventuring. I then started to pick up on what shots I liked and consequently picked up my style of photography.

Tell us more about your commissioned works. Are they more interesting than your personal projects ?

The majority of my work is personal. I feel my personal work portrays my style more effectively than my commissioned work. I feel most creative when there is no pressure and there is a relaxed atmosphere, capturing things naturally rather than forced. This consists of adventures or simply taking photos of my friends out and about.

What’s next for you ?

Many more adventures and I may look into furthering my fashion photography work.

Thanks a lot !