Interview de Mark Benini

J’ai pris contact avec Mark Benini il y a peu pour l’informer de l‘article que j’avais fait sur ses photos. Vu la super réaction qu’il a eu, je lui ai proposé de faire une petite interview. La voila :)

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Hi mark ! Where are you right now ?

hello, I live and love in Berlin in a very small, but adorable room. There I work as well.

When and where were you born ? and in which cities have you lived since ?

I was born 1981 in the italian alps, where i lived large part of my life. I traveled a lot but never
lived in other cities except my hometown in Italy and since more than 4 years now in Berlin.

.goodnight, I say to you, goodnight ...

You’re a great photographer, is it your full time job ? Do you have other activities?

I earn my money as a graficdesigner. taking photos is part of my life, but not a job. it’s an aware decision.
i don’t wanna loose that magic feeling of beeing free taking pictures without any restrictions or indications.
I love to be creative with my camera, and that is usually not possible if it is work.

.cuando el sol cambia color (reload)

Since when do you use a kiev.88 ? and why using this particular camera ?

More than 5 years are meanwhile that I use this camera. it was love on the first view. i like the manuality, the way you see through, the old russian design…
I love everything at this camera ,). i like also the small mistake that the camera has. She doesn’t work well all the time. The result will be enriched by the chance. I find that exciting.

Do you use other cameras ?

i use other cameras so rarely. My first encounter with medium format was the holga. I still like this camera but i don’t use it very often in the last time.
The fact that i never leave home (even if it are 5 minutes) without my kiev88, it excludes practically the use of other cameras.

.ma a noi piace pensarlo ancora dietro al motore mentre fa correr via la macchina a vapore

What do you prefer to have in your camera viewfinder ?

Photography is for me like a journal, in that I try to hold emotions. It is a deep view into my life and on the people that surrounds me and that I love.
I like to show a very personal photography. It shows that enchanted world of my small daughter or intimate moments and jokes with my friends.
I try to construct vicinity to the people i photograph and at most of the time the people do not notice the push of the button ,) A colorful view of the everydays life, thats what i love.

In which place do you prefer to be ?

Here in Berlin, surrounded of all the people i love.

.I been here so long my heart is a parking lot

Can you give me 2 songs who represent your work and your way of thinking ?

I give you just one, cause it represent me in all!
avey tare & kría brekkan – sasong —> for years this song hasn’t stop to inspire me. and it’ll do it again. it’s LOVE! ,))

.certi cieli bianchi bianchi come i tuoi polsi quasi trasparenti

Do you have specific projects right now or for the future ?

my head is full of projects. but usually I all let approach on me and i’ll find the right time in moment to make whats on my mind.
no time pressure or compelling projects but I look forward to new people before my lens.


What are you going to do just after answered to this last question ?

I go baking pizza. yes, I’m hungry ,)


Thanks a lot for your answers ! : )

.now that i can take some past into presence all that was turns into life again, i'm allowed to feel


Allez voir sa galerie Flickr, tellement de belles choses.

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