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Interview / Tom Ngo

Interview with the visual artist Tom Ngo.


A Curious Question To / Philip Govedare



Do you think the planet will be a better place with less humans on it?

The problems of climate change, disruption to essential ecosystems, species extinction, and conflicts between states and tribes threaten the quality of life for even the richest nations and put into question our long term survival. All of this compounded by growing numbers of people on earth. I think there is no question that for future generations, life on earth and what we know as “nature” will be very different from what it is today. We have to question how much we value the earth’s beauty and diversity, its natural systems, and what kind of world we want for the future.
Philip Govedare – Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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Interview / James Gilleard




Interview with the English artist, James Gilleard.


Interview / Peter Harris



Interview with the Canadian painter, Peter Harris – at the occasion of the release of his last series ‘Hopper’s Shadow‘.


Interview / Thoka Maer


Interview with Thoka Maer, german illustrator and animator – mother of it’s no biggie.


Interview / Michela Picchi

Interview of  Michela Picchi, illustrator from Rome, Italy.


Interview / Anton Van Hertbruggen

First off, can you introduce yourself ?

I’m a 22 year old illustrator, currently living in a not-that-utopian-looking suburb in the north of Antwerp.


Interview / Brock Davis

Interview with Brock Davis – a guy who makes really cool things – born in Marietta, Georgia in 1972.


A Curious Question To / Coral Amiga

What place would you save if the world was going to be detroyed ?

Wow that’s a tough one… I guess I would save one majestic treehouse on a tall nameless tree in a forest somewhere…!
Coral Amiga – photographer /

Interview / Cheyenne Sophia

Where are you right now ?

On the edge of olympia, washington, in my ex girlfriend’s room, in the middle of the forest.