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Interview / Dora Kontha




Interview with Dora Kontha, photographer born in Budapest in 1987, now living in Copenhagen.


Interview / Stanislav Troitsky





Interview with Stanlislav Troitsky, street photographer living in Montreal, Canada.


Filipe Domingues

Selections of photos by Filipe Domingues
born in 1979 – living in Lisbon, Portugal


Interview / Matt Bower

Interview of Matt Bower, photographer from Atlanta.


Interview / Paulushaus [Trip memories]

I asked the Berliner photographer, Paulushaus to describe some of his best trip memories.


Interview / Jess Garten

Interview of the american photographer, Jess Garten.


Interview / Safouane Ben Slama

Interview of the photographer, Safouane Ben Slama.


Interview / Justin Wolfe

Interview of the young american photographer, Justin Wolfe.


Interview / Lars Wästfelt

Interview of  Lars Wästfelt – photographer from Stockholm,  Sweden.


Behind the Image / Miles Bowers

Photo by Miles Bowers photograph

Tell us something about this picture

This photo was accidentally shot on a roll that had been previously exposed. My friend Brandon and I were running around in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains sprinting down cinder cones. We went back a week later to re shoot it without an overlay but he tripped and sprained his ankle. He was in a cast for a long time after that.

Miles Bowers – photographer living in Eugene, Oregon, USA  / on flickr – on cargo