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Interview / Jonah Migicovsky

Interview of Jonah Migicovsky – photographer born in Montreal in 1991.


Interview / Brock Davis

Interview with Brock Davis – a guy who makes really cool things – born in Marietta, Georgia in 1972.


Interview / Guillaume Singelin

Interview with Guillaume Singelin – french illustrator / graphic designer. Born in 1987 in Rennes, he’s also now comic books author and co-founder of “Editions Copains” with Ugo Gattoni.


Interview / Street-artist – Hense

When and where were you born ?

November 30, 1978 Atlanta, Georgia USA


Interview / Mark Yaggie

Where and when were you born ?

i was born in san diego california in 1980.


Interview / Adèle Poupin

What do you prefer to photograph ? And with which device ?

I don’t know why but I have a particular attraction for dogs and homeless people.

I work mainly with a film camera, 35mm. I had several cameras, nikon EM, Leica CL, an old lomo LC-A, Canon AT-1 but I am in love with the Canon AE-1 for his simplicity and his practicality.


Interview / Karina Eibatova

Where are you right now ?

I just moved to very clean and boring place, called Vienna.


Interview / Austin Kamps

Where are you right now precisely ?

At this very moment, I am at my house in San Francisco. In the Mission neighborhood, to be more precise.


Interview / Julie Tingley

Would you like to live in the forest ?

surely, an old growth forest with strong and steady creeks. and lots of dogs, like this:


Interview / Julie Lansom

Comment commences-tu tes journées ?

En râlant. Puis ça s’améliore un peu.