Julie Tingley

PHOTO  .  December 21st, 2012

Would you like to live in the forest ?

surely, an old growth forest with strong and steady creeks. and lots of dogs, like this: youtu.be/PgIz1Add98s

When and where were you born ?

i was born in southern california in the summer of 1990, but moved with my family to georgia while still a little girl.

What cameras do you use ?

my photos from the last couple of years have mostly been taken on a yashica t4 that is now tragically broken, or a konica big mini that is thankfully still going strong.

You seem travel a lot across the USA, can you tell us a more about these trips ?

the first trip was up the east coast with friends the summer after my first year in college. i’d actually really like to do that one again because i think it could be better. i went on a second trip with friends across the bulk of the midwest, and that was the best trip i’ve ever taken. we saw some amazing stuff. my last big trip was on an archaeological dig i took part in on the salmon river canyon in idaho. the rest are smaller weekend trips that my friends and i take to go camping in the blue ridge mountains. it’s great living only an hour away from some of the oldest mountains in the country.

What do you prefer to have in your viewfinder ?

i like equal parts friends, dogs, and mountains. all three together is a wonderful thing.

Do you have projects at the moment or plans for the future ?

well i’m moving away next summer so i’ve started this pseudo-project that just basically gives me an excuse to drive around georgia to see what there is to see. i’m really going to miss this place.

What are you going to do just after answered this last question ?

take my dog to the park and drink a beer.

Thanks Julie,  now I want to go on these mountains more than ever.