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Interview / Anton Novikov




Interview with the Russian photographer, Anton Novikov a.k.a ‘endlesstrains’.


Interview / Derek Corneau



Interview with the american photographer, Derek Corneau.


Interview / Florian Dré




Interview with Florian Dré, french student who also takes pictures.


Interview / Ryan Nickel



Here are few questions to Ryan Nickel.


Interview / Margot Gabel

Interview of  Margot Gabel – photographer born in Strasbourg, France in 1991, now living in Paris.


Interview / Richard Gaston

Interview of  Richard Gaston – photographer born in October 89′ in Scotland.


Interview / Baohien Ngo

Interview of  Baohien Ngo – photographer from Houston, born in Minnesota in 1994.


3 Questions to / Nidia Msbm

Little interview of Nidia Msbm – photographer born in Mexico City, in 1991.


Behind the Image / Joe Nigel Coleman

Tell us something about this picture

This photo was taken while traveling down the coast of portugal in a van with some friends. We found this place by the beach, in between two towns. It rained for most of the night and these eerie factories lit up the sky after the sun went down.

Joe Nigel Coleman – photographer from London /  interview on

Interview / Adèle Poupin

What do you prefer to photograph ? And with which device ?

I don’t know why but I have a particular attraction for dogs and homeless people.

I work mainly with a film camera, 35mm. I had several cameras, nikon EM, Leica CL, an old lomo LC-A, Canon AT-1 but I am in love with the Canon AE-1 for his simplicity and his practicality.