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A Curious Question To / Sofiane Boualia

Why is it important for you to photograph this piece of ground?

This photo is called “Desert” it’s from my serie Hors Saison a project on my hometown, a small city in the middle of France called Clamecy. This shot was taken on my childhood playground, it’s the old parking of the public pool. I was living in the kind of residential neighborhood where every kids hang together, we used to spend a lot of time over there, biking, skating, dreaming, climbing trees to watch girls by the pool.
I’ve once broke the arm of a friend, I guess we were trying to create a new game it was terrible. It’s just a parking lot, but there were a real energy a true meeting place, it was perfect to work on our creativity. I’ve shot this piece of ground because first of all as a 8 years old kid that dick shape was funny, and today it symbolises a form of nostalgia, the rift got bigger there’s no kids playing there anymore. It represents the desertification of my hometown.

Sofiane Boualia – French Photographer

Interview / Maéva Lecoq



Interview with the young french photographer, Maéva Lecoq.


Interview / Florian Dré




Interview with Florian Dré, french student who also takes pictures.


Interview / Loup Blaster


Interview with Loup Blaster, illustrator/animator from Northern France.


Interview / Charlotte Mano

Interview of  Charlotte Mano, photographer living in Nantes, France.


Interview / Plasticbionic

Interview of  Plasticbionic – french creative director and graphic designer based in Nantes.


Interview / Benjamin Schmuck

Interview of  Benjamin Schmuck – french photographer born in Paris.


Playlist of the Week #06


Little interview / Jeune & Poli co-creator – Michel Nguie

Interview of Michel Nguie – from Bordeaux, France / co-creator of photography zine, Jeune & Poli.


Air Drive

Retro-futurist universe by Renaud Marion / The cars of the 2000’s as he imagined them when he was a child. (retouching by Armand Mongallon)