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Interview / Maéva Lecoq



Interview with the young french photographer, Maéva Lecoq.


Behind the Image / Tessa Bolsover


Tell us more about this image
I took this photo a year ago while I was living in Redlands, a small town in Southern California. The whole day was very surreal – a couple friends and I drove deep into the desert to visit Salvation Mountain, an enormous handmade shrine in the middle of nowhere. When the sun began to set we drove home down a straight, flat road; the kind that wavers on the horizon like a hallucination no matter how long you’ve been driving. I was in the back seat fiddling with my camera when I looked up and saw smoke billowing from the side of the road. We slowed, turned our heads in unison, and drove on silently. We couldn’t tell what had happened, but for me this photo (made with a 35mm Canon Rebel Ti) retains the strange tension of that moment.
Tessa Bolsover – 21 years old photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Aurélien Heilbronn

Nice pictures from 2 serials –  ‘Brightness’ (color) and ‘Darkness’ (b&w) – by Aurélien Heilbronn
born in Paris in 1990 and now living in Los Angeles.


Interview / Renee Ackerman

Interview of the young american photographer, Renee Ackerman.


Interview / Justin Wolfe

Interview of the young american photographer, Justin Wolfe.


Interview / Charlotte Mano

Interview of  Charlotte Mano, photographer living in Nantes, France.


Interview / Margaret Durow

Interview of  Margaret Durow – photographer born in Madison, Wisconsin, November 1989.


Interview / Emma Louise

Interview of  Emma Louise – photographer born in Portland, Oregon, in summer of 1990.


Interview / Baohien Ngo

Interview of  Baohien Ngo – photographer from Houston, born in Minnesota in 1994.


3 Questions to / Nidia Msbm

Little interview of Nidia Msbm – photographer born in Mexico City, in 1991.